Anonymous asked: "after watching that last glee episode i totally came here and read shitload of seblaine fics to heal my brain"

adfsfsadfs this made me really happy, thank you thank you

[turns over in grave]


Anonymous asked: "when are you gonna really come back? :( and where is k? :("

i’m reeeeally sorry, but like i keep saying, we’re not in the glee fandom anymore. the chance that we’re going to have the desire to write fanfiction for a fandom we’re not in is very slim. it’s been fun, though!

in case you ever want to keep in contact with me (a),

you can find my 1x1 blog over here. i’ve received so many nice messages lately, and while i’m no long in the glee fandom, i’m always down to brush off my old favorite characters for a 1x1. never be afraid to say hello!

Anonymous asked: "hi, a fan here : ) i totally get why you dropped glee fandom but i am still sad about it because your fics are the best. but i will be keeping this blog in my favourites and check it from time to time anyway just in case : ) but even if you never get back to it, thanks for all the amazing fics you have written, i loved them all and you are awesome!"

this is the sweetest, thank you so much!

lokifirefox asked: "I'm kinda disappointed that there aren't that many blam fics but I honestly believe that flaw in the universe will right itself naturally. In the meantime, speaking of rare ships, I noticed that you don't have any Blaine/Ryder or Blaine/Nick Warbler?"

oh wow, haven’t gotten any messages on this sideblog in a looong time, hi!

anyway, i kind of quietly ducked out of the glee fandom a long time ago, so i wouldn’t count on any fics in the future (especially blaine/ryder and blaine/nick, since ryder and nick are characters i give, like, negative fucks about). it’s a bummer to hear there aren’t many blam fics.. though i’m not surprised. i feel like glee kind of ruined that ship after making blaine an obnoxious fuck on the show and trying so hard to make the blam bromance happen in the worst way possible. (but that’s just one girl’s opinion, so i mean no offense if you don’t agree)

thanks for the message, though! i’m glad to hear people still stop by and read our fic every once and awhile. 

Anonymous asked: "When will you be ale to bring your roleplay back? Because I'm going crazy over not having that roleplay active, you had the perfect people."

as of right now, i don’t have plans to revive it in the near future (i’m still working full-time), but maybe in the summer, depending on how things in my professional life go. again, any questions about frfr would be appreciated off anon so i don’t have to clog the blog with it, since technically, it has nothing to do with gleeprompts. thanks!

Anonymous asked: "Is this going to be an all seblaine blog or what now?"

no no it’s just sometimes, the feels… they attack.

songs sebastian should serenade blaine with: 

sight of the sun by fun. 
For once there is nothing up my sleeve
Just some scars from a life that used to trouble me
I used to run at first sight of the sun
Now I lay here waiting for you to wake up

this has been a public service announcement from a. of gleeprompts, k bye

sorry for the seblaine overload. i ventured onto the ‘glee rp’ tag for the first time in ages and saw that a lot of season 4 roleplays weren’t including sebastian anymore bc they think he’s basically obsolete right now and it depressed me so bam seblaine goodnight kids 

rrrumbleroar prompted:
Hi. Just wanted you to know that seblainers rejoice whenever gleeprompts returns to us :’) also, I rejoice every time I don’t have to see Marley ships :’) also, I has a prompt: unrequited seblaine (but with Blaine who likes Sebastian:)?
(a/n: sorry this is short / just a scene. i’m still warming back up. and thank you for the compliment!)

Blaine isn’t sure how he let it get to this point.

If you would’ve asked him last year if he thought he would ever see Sebastian Smythe again, the answer would have been a firm no. Truth be told, Blaine hadn’t even had any idea where Sebastian was living since he graduated from Yale. For some reason, he wasn’t on Facebook anymore, and it wasn’t like they were close enough that Blaine could call him up, all like, “Hey, Sebastian, buddy! Remember me? The guy that you slushied and tried to get into the pants of and maybe had feelings for, but I was never quite sure? Where’re you keeping yourself?” 

So imagine his surprise when three months ago, Sebastian Smythe waltzed into the coffee shop in the East Village where Blaine worked, distractedly ordered a coffee with his phone pressed against his ear, and didn’t blink at Blaine twice until he said, “Do you want a shot of Courvoisier with that?”

And if you would’ve asked Blaine if he thought he would ever wind up pining after Sebastian, well, that would’ve been a firm no, too. And he would’ve been incredibly, irrevocably incorrect.

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Anonymous asked: "glee prompts is not sue friendly? huh?"

marley sue. like. a play on mary sue. because marley is one. 

anonymous prompted:
seblaine, nyc. do with it what you will!!

Sebastian never imagined that he’d wind up in a job that would require him to wait for the subway at rush-hour—that is, a job with a schedule, particularly a nine-to-five one—but no matter his imaginings, here he was, surrounded by tourists, business suits and panhandlers, all of which never failed to put him in a bad mood after work as he waited for the 1 train. He let out a sigh and checked his iPhone for the time, as though that would will the subway to come faster.

Not that he was particularly antsy for it to come; once it came, he only had twenty minutes of being pressed against strangers to look forward to.  

Today, though, something rose over the obnoxious tumult of the station that caused Sebastian to raise a lazy eyebrow and look toward its source. Down the platform, someone was playing guitar, looking, Sebastian noted as he took in his purposefully and artfully scruffy appearance, like he probably resided in Brooklyn. But describe his scruff, he wasn’t a typical subway performer. That was, he didn’t seem homeless

That, and he was, undeniably, hot.

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Anonymous asked: "Do you ship any Marley pairings?"

nope. gleeprompts is not marley-sue friendly.